Here is what our clients say about us:

“Producing the 50th Anniversary book about Saulsbury Industries was a daunting task for me. The actual writing wasn’t the problem. My major concern was the design and final printed product. It had to be beautiful and classy to represent this wonderful family business.

Brandora exceeded all my expectations and made it a virtually painless process for me. Working with a Tia was effortless. She took the words and an enormous amount of pictures and designed a book that the Saulsbury family told me “could not be any better.”

Tia’s diligence to meeting deadlines and her attention to detail ensured that we a “perfect” book delivered in plenty of time for copies to be distributed as gifts at Saulsbury’s 50th Anniversary party.

The best part of working with Brandora was knowing that I could completely trust their team to provide me with a finished product that I and the Saulsbury family would be proud to share.”

Mary G.
Author of 50th anniversary book “Saulsbury: An unwavering allegiance to god, family, and country”

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“I approached Brandora because our company was in need of a digital holiday card. We were not experienced in how best to go about transitioning from old fashioned paper cards to some type of digital presence that would be seen as innovative, modern, inspiring, and professional—without seeming too overly gimmicky or too long. We wanted elegant, short, and impressive. We found out about Brandora by scouring digital awards listings, and we found samples of their work and were impressed by their animation and concise story-telling ability.

Brandora helped us by providing direction and education on what could be done and their recommendations based on our specific needs as a law firm. They brought a vision to our idea and helped us navigate an area we were unfamiliar with. The results have been 2 beautiful and successful Holiday ecards that allowed us to modernize our process and reflect our growing company.

One thing I liked was their commitment to helping our team flesh out what we wanted the “Story” of our card to be, and how this would be best reflected within our brand.

I found the experience easy and exciting! Brandora brought our exact ideas to life and made sure that we had exactly what we wanted without much hard work on our end.

I would recommend Brandora to companies looking to embrace the digital age, and ecards. Brandora’s style is modern and sleek and their work is beautiful and often times beyond our expectations.”

Jullie S.
Design & Technology Coordinator, Hall Render

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“It has been great working with you all the past couple of seasons to develop our company holiday ecards. Our clients were in awe after viewing each card. They truly view us as an innovative company in that regard. We have never met a team with a greater ability to form a deep understanding of our brand and use that to create our wonderful ecards as well as pieces in both printed and digital form. Your work meticulous work coupled with your knowledge of technology and how to use it to enhance a brand is outstanding.”

Tammy S.
Marketing Director, Academic HealthPlans

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