What is a cinematic ecard?

Cin·e·mat·ic – having qualities characteristic of motion pictures.

We refer to our original ecard animations as cinematic because they resemble mini-movies that convey emotion and tell a story. Because we are branding experts, we know what it takes to maintain consistency for your company’s brand. Our animations are a mixture of fantasy and realism using various technologies and techniques, both 2D and 3D, that combine together and provide an emotional connection to the viewer watching the animation. They evoke a sense of wonder and reconnect us with our distant memories when experiences were happy and magical.

What is your process?

We like to think of our ecards as miniature movies that transport the viewer to a magical world where anything is possible. And just like in filmmaking, the process of creating them involves a number of steps. Below are the steps that we undertake to create our ecard animations.

1. Pre-Production

  • Initial Consultation
  • Research
  • Concept Creation
  • Storyboards
  • Concept Approval

2. Production

  • Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Rigging
  • Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Music selection and sound effects
  • Render and Export

3. Post Production

  • HTML email design and landing page
  • Testing
  • Deliver/Send
  • Analytics and Reporting

What is the difference between Semi-Custom and Custom ecards?

Semi-Custom Ecards: Our semi-custom ecards are pre-built but can be customized with your company logo. These ecards are usually offered at a fraction of what they cost to produce and are also ready to send in 3 business days. So, if you want to send the highest quality ecard but want to pay a reasonable price and don’t have time to go through the entire custom creation process we strongly suggest using them.

Custom Ecards: Custom ecard animations are built from scratch, using your idea or we create a unique concept for your company. Since they are original, they take longer to produce. They can be licensed solely to your company for one year or exclusively if that fits your budget.

Pricing. Our custom ecards vary in pricing based on complexity, rendering time and other various components.

Timeline. Approximate completion of these ecards can range from 10 business days to 4 weeks, after storyboard approval.

Do you offer exclusive ecard animations?

Yes we do! Our licensing options are simple.

  1. Single use for a company up to 1 year
  2. Exclusive licensing forever (cannot be resold)

What does this mean? If you order a custom ecard animation that we create from scratch and you do not purchase the exclusive license, then after 1 year, we have the right to resell your ecard animation to other companies. We will never create a custom ecard and sell it to multiple companies during that year. So your company will still be the only ones using that design. If you’d like to never allow another company to reuse your ecard animation you can purchase the exclusive licensing and your animation will become a one time creation never to be resold or used by another company (other than your own) forever!

What if I have an idea for the animation of my ecard?

If it’s a good idea (we’ll let you know) and something we think is worthy of creating, we will most certainly be on board! We take extreme pride in our ability to concept and execute on our ideas. This is why our ecard animations are superior to other companies. We have a style and it is unique in the ecard world. This makes our ecards much more memorable than the ecard animations you normally see from other companies.

How long does it take to start sending ecards?

For custom ecards, after you approve our storyboard and depending on the concept and complexity of the final idea, production can take from 10 business days to 4 weeks to complete. The semi-custom ecards will be ready in 3 business days or less.

How much does it cost?

Our ecards vary in pricing based on your requirements. Please fill out our Custom Quote Form or contact us

What is the EcardMailer Platform?

This is a new ecard mailing system we have developed that makes it super simple for your employees to send out unlimited ecards, with a personalized message, to their contacts on their own time. It eliminates the hassle of HTML emails, mail servers, web hosting, etc. We have secure login options and even IP based security access to our ecard mailing platform for your company. It has the capability to track statistics in real time, export data, and see your company’s ecard sending activities.

EcardMailer by Brandora is also branded with your company colors and logo to remain consistent with your brand. It has the ability to easily switch the mail server method needed based on the amount of mail traffic needed. It can send several hundred emails to several million, all depending on the needs of your company.

Can we use the EcardMailer year round?

That’s something we actually recommend. If you are using our EcardMailer, we can specify a start and end date to automatically turn on and off your ecard sending portal. If used for holiday ecard sending, these are typically online for approximately 3 months of the year.

If you’d like to have your EcardMailer online longer, we offer it on a month to month leasing option throughout the year, for things like employee appreciation, kudos/thank you’s, birthdays, product launches, reminders, events, announcements etc. Just tell us and we’ll set it up for you.

Do you require down payments and also what forms of payment do you accept/prefer?

We accept PO numbers (if we need to be setup as vendors with your company no problem – we work with very large businesses and have a lot of experience with this method), checks, and credit cards! All semi-custom ecards require upfront payment before delivery.

If you want a custom ecard animation, we ask for a 50% down payment before we start on the job and the final 50% will be billed upon completion.

Can I choose the music for my ecard animation?

Usually we choose the music because we believe the music is as important as the animation. If we just throw some random track in an animation, the emotional connection is usually broken. Music goes hand in hand with animation and in our professional opinion really pushes the animation further than it could go on it’s own.

How long do the ecards stay online?

Ecards are online forever. No matter what. That way if a contact you sent an ecard to is away on vacation or on sabbatical, when they return and check their email they will not arrive at a page that doesn’t exist and they’ll still see the beautiful ecard you sent them!

Why do you recommend using your EcardMailer Platform versus your company handling distribution of the ecard?

There are several reasons we recommend this option.

  1. Our mail servers are setup correct and have great sending reputation
  2. We performed several HTML email spam tests at mail-tester.com and received 10/10 scores on our perfectly coded HTML emails. This means the chance of our emails being caught as spam are very unlikely. However, every mail server is setup differently and has different configurations of spam software, so we cannot always guarantee 100% deliverability.
  3. It’s fast and easy for your employees to use anytime they are ready to send out some ecards
  4. We offer live email and ecard tracking analytics. This is not included if your employees send ecards using their own email programs
  5. No coding, no formatting, no hosting, no headaches
  6. We can setup several different ecard animations, HTML emails, and integrate them all in one place
  7. Fast import of contacts using a CSV file
  8. We use a local mailserver, MailGun, SendGrid, and Mandrill mail services
  9. Branded for your company
  10. Mobile Friendly, will work on any device
  11. Secure server and login for your employees

Do you also create printed cards?

We can do anything in the realm of graphics – both digital and print. If you’d like a matching printed card to go with your ecard we have the expertise to make it happen!

Is there a limit on the number of people you can send an ecard?

The skies the limit. No really, we have the ability to mail a few hundred users to millions. However, if you know you will be sending to more than 5000 contacts for your company let us know. We do have variable pricing structures based on the total number of recipients!

What if we want Brandora to send out our ecards?

We will definitely handle your ecard mailing if you decide you’d rather spend your time somewhere else. Contact us about sending for you and we’ll handle the rest.